Another Exciting Evening

Here we sit.   Ernie is on the phone with the son trying to troubleshoot vehicle problems but he’s having issues with the computer program, the westerns are playing on the TV, several kitties have crashed and burned around us and I’m playing with EQ7.   Is this NOT an exciting night?

In my prowling on the internet earlier today, I found a photo taken in the 80s of myself and the sibs.  I don’t remember the time, but I do remember the dress, lol.  Check this out!   This would be Mike, Jimmy, me, Cindy, Jerry and Richard.  Sorry for the flash…I didn’t take the picture.   This was too funny for words…look at the suits…and hairstyles!  Amazing what is out there on the internet!

I wonder how many more old photos the siblings have hidden out in their files?  I really don’t know where they found this one, but I’m glad they did.

Patchkat ~ Susan in TX


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