Free Ranging Chickens


The neighbors have been letting the chickens run wild.   I love watching the chickens…I want chickens of my own.   I want to gather my own eggs… I want no grasshoppers and grubs in my garden…I want, I want!

Anyhow, these are the neighborhood free rangers…aren’t they pretty!!!

The two orange/brown scragglers at the back were hatched out next door.  The rest are survivors from the “ragin’ Cajun’s” original batch. 

These ladies have a coop of sorts for the night, but they’re running loose all day…with that thought,  if we had a small coop…maybe we could have chickens :-)   The kitties run from them, the rest of the predators probably wouldn’t be so obliging. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Free Ranging Chickens

  1. Build a few nesting boxes, buy a bit of scratch and make a trail over to your nesting boxes and you just might get some eggs. You might even sell them to your neighbor if they run short! :)

  2. I have MANY chickens, they are fun and leave lots of eggs to sell. It is a good way to have a little jingle in my pocket.