Things are Really Cookin’ Around Here

What started out as a sunny day is now overcast, but it’s 50°, so not too bad.  A little rain would be wonderful!  The birds are coming to the feeder and the kitties are watching the birds.  Stupid Cardinals…they want dry cat food rather than their seed…so they sneak up to the kitty feeders to steal bits.  Every once in a while, they become kitty food.

I have chicken stewing for a pot of Chicken and Dumplins…and meat browning for a pot of soup.  This colder weather makes me yearn for all foods WARM!    The good thing about both is I was able to pull everything from the freezers.  I keep a container in the freezer for “soup” vegetables.  This would be all those leftover bits from other dinners.  I also have qt containers of beef, chicken, turkey and ham broths.  I cool those in the refrigerator, skim off as much grease as possible, then pour them up and freeze.  There are tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers from last season’s garden, green beans and corn from the neighbor’s garden.

Don’t you love the smells of winter foods simmering? 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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