Stormy Night Adventures…quilted!

I DID IT!   I DID IT!   I DID IT!!! First quilt on that machine for me since last spring.

It’s taken me all afternoon, but I did get my # 6 UFO for JudyL’s UFO Challenge loaded onto the HQ16 

and QUILTED!  I’ve squared and trimmed it and have the binding ready to sew on.   I’ll work on that after dinner.

This is quilted using Loricles “Giant Swirls” template.  I love the curvy swirls on really angular quilts.

Time to help get dinner on the table.  Ernie has been grilling!  He grilled a pork tenderloin, some lemon pepper chicken and a london broil.  I’ll add that to the chicken and dumplins and the soup for next week’s meals.  So easy to pull the main dish out of the freezer and add a salad.  Love it.

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Stormy Night Adventures…quilted!

  1. Congratulations on finishing the quilt. Sometimes it is just plain GOOD to do something normal after a rough spell. I still haven’t finished my first UFO of the year but I did get the quilt pinned. I don’t have a LA machine, I just quilt on my regular machine, so I pin, pin, pin. You are way ahead of me.
    And I would head right over to dinner if I lived closer, all your cookin’ sounds delicious.

  2. Sounds as if you two are living the high life, indeed! Congrats of long arming, but don’t overdo it–those UFOs aren’t going anywhere!

    Lynda in Spokane

  3. The HQ16 is on my birthday wish list – have tried many, but love this machine. Their Avante’ is a little over whelming. Congratulations on your finish. Also, you wanted to use my North/South quilt – just cannot get thru your e-mail – yes you may use the photo by all means. I posted in-progress photos and a finished photo on my blog

    • Sharon, I love my HQ16. I think that’s the best $$$ I’ve ever spent. DH would love for me to quilt for others and recoup a little of the investment…and maybe someday, I will. Just not now. I have too much of my own work to get quilted!

      You’re published, lol. I posted the photo and your description (from CQ email)