UFO works

I need to load my #6 UFO on the machine and get it quilted, but I’m actually terrified to try.  I keep promising I’ll put something on the machine, then I get scared.  What if I can’t load a quilt…how am I going to get stuff done if I can’t quilt?  Tomorrow,  I’m going to light the stove in my sewing room…let the machine warm up a little and I’m going to put #6  ON THE MACHINE.  No more excuses, no more finding other things to do.  If I can’t load it alone, Ernie is here…he can help!  Right?

While I’ve been procrastinating,  I’ve been sewing on the star blocks for  #9 on my list.  I’ve got the first row of star points on a few…and I’m thinking about adding a second row of star points!  Need to cut the pieces and stitch one to see if I like it with double points.  If I use double points,  I’ll have to refigure my blocks as that will make them 4″ larger.

Guess I need to play in EQ7 for awhile!  What a shame!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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