An Ancestral Mess!

I’m back to my ancestral records…they’re in such disarray.  When Christy was here, her notes were in order, neat and looked like something you would WANT to read….

My original notes consist of things written in notebooks, the back of envelopes and all manner of scrap paper.   There is no order, nothing separated by ancestor families, location or even dates.

In the interest of trying to make something legible out of this mess,  I’ve been working on putting people in order and doing research on folks.     No matter what the commercials tell you, it helps tremendously if you have a clue WHO you’re looking for…or where they lived and when. 

After about 5-6 generations on most of the lines, I’ve hit dead ends.  On a couple of the lines,  I’ve got decent records back into the 1600s!!!

I figure now is the time to print and get the notes into order.  Who knows, maybe while I’m playing in the charts, I will find a few more hints that I overlooked originally. As you can see,  I’m acheiving a certain level of order.  I have a bunch of photos/records/certificates and stories to add which I hope will put some meat on the bones of our past generations. 






I’m planning to match these records to photos of the relatives we have in our Heritage Albums.   The stories and records will be a bonus for the next generations.  They’ll never meet the ancestors, but they’ll certainly know who they were, where they lived, how they lived and what they acheived in their lifetimes.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “An Ancestral Mess!

  1. You need to come over and organize mine….grin. About the time I would get started on one person, my mom would call and want another person checked, and I would leave that stack and start another. I have stacks everywhere.