Brrrr…kitties just want to stay warm

According to NOAA in San Angelo, our low tonight is supposed to be 17°.    In Burkett, we’re always several degrees colder.  We have a little greenhouse room built onto our deck.  In the winter, all the outside plants move inside and we run a heater at 42° to keep them from freezing.  We also have kitty tubs in the greenhouse.  They’re 60qt Rubbermaid tubs with doors cut for the kitties…and they have fleece bedding.  So, for kitties, it’s protected, out of the wind and much warmer than the outside temps.

Helloooooo!  Here we have White Foot coming out of a box…an open box on the deck…what’s wrong with this picture? (besides the fact that it’s fuzzy)  His mother, Little Kitty, and his sister, Pepe, are also in that box.  They’ve chosen the box outside as opposed to the heated luxury of the greenhouse!  I hope they get smarter as the night gets colder.

Keeping water outside is a problem during the winter.  We have a bucket of water for the kitties in the greenhouse.  I caught Ebony drinking from the bucket this morning, so the kitties KNOW there is fresh water inside.  So why aren’t they sleeping in there too???  Why do I worry about these kitties?  It’s not like they can’t get under the deck or under any of the neighborhood houses.  But I DO worry.  I want them to be warm and safe, lol..and where I can SEE them! Brrrr….baby, it’s COLD outside!

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Brrrr…kitties just want to stay warm

  1. There is a stray that has adopted my house and my neighbors for food and water. Last year it allowed me to pick it up and put it in our utility room at night when it was cold. This year it has been extremely cold couple months, so I would go out and get it when it came to kitchen window for food. Now all I have to do it go out through the garage around the house and call its name (I named it Charcoal, since it is charcoal in color) and it comes running into garage into the utility room. I have put a litter pan along with water and food in there for it. The last three days has been snow and ice and I have keep him in there for the last two days. I bet that cat is going stir crazy been confined to a warm bed in a utility room. It wants to come in our house, but one of my other cats howls at it, so I am afraid of cat fights in the house, not to mention that my two dogs would chase it. The dogs don’t bother the house cats but go ape over cats that come up on the deck to look in the door or window. I have them spoiled for food…just look in and she comes out with dry food. Hummm, wonder who is trained…me or the cats.

  2. Kitties have a mind of their own. I’ve always said you can train a dog but you can’t make a cat do *anything* they don’t want to do. Lol. We fixed a place for our outside kitties to sleep last year with a comfy, old blanket in a carrier and draped it with an old, worn out quilt. They slept in it the first night and then abandoned it. We didn’t even bother this year.