TV in the Boonies

Life in the country can be frustrating.  When I first moved here, I could get 1 local (Abilene) TV station sometimes. and occassionally a single radio station faded in and out from Brownwood.   Made weather coverage pretty sketchy…and of course, that was the year of the tornados and storms.  

I discovered the key to having TV stations to choose from is SATELLITE.   I checked into some of the systems where they erect a personal tower in the yard…while those were cool, they were also extremely costly for the initial set up.   Then DishNetwork came to town.   They were here in a couple of days, had new receivers mounted on the roof and we were in business.  I don’t always agree with the changes in their lineups, but sometimes they have neat specials and Ernie had his beloved football games!

Dish Network is offering the “Encore” stations for free this month…and we’re enjoying the selection.  Ernie has zero’d in on those old shows we loved as kids…”Law Man”, “Have Gun Will Travel”, “Gunsmoke”, “Maverick”, “Cheyenne”…and lots of old western movies.  There is also a selection of regular movies…He’s been recording a bunch for our later viewing pleasure…things like “So, I Married an Axe Murder”, “Cats Don’t Dance”, “Angels and Demons”.   

While the movies and westerns are fun,  I really enjoy the months where we get National Geographic, History International and the scientific shows.  I won’t be looking for the Oprah Network, lol.

I must be the only one who loves the series “How It’s Made” as it disappeared from our lineup.  My other favorite was “Connections” where they took an item and showed how it evolved into something totally different.   Maybe someday, Dish will offer the channels where those reside!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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