Do you play favorites?

We were joking about my raggedy kitchen linens during the Holidays…can you tell these are my favorites?   All potholders I made from old kitchen towels and a little bit of cotton quilting fabric.  Nothing fancy, nothing special…just good utilitarian potholders.  These get nasty, get thrown in the washer/dryer and then they’re back on the job.

Do I have pretties?  Oh, you bet.  I use them for table hot pads and put them out when we have people over.   Guess I just hate to see them get dirty and worn like my old favorites.

In looking around the kitchen,  I got to thinking about what I’d take if I couldn’t pack and take it all…there’d be 3 wooden spoons of varying lengths and sizes.  A wooden spatula.  My favorite red handled kitchen knife and the larger black handled one.  A 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup. These hotpads.  A 4 qt saucepan by Calaphon…it’s stainless and has a wonderful glass lid…double handles for ease of holding…and a 10″ stainless steel skillet with it’s glass lid….oh, and a 6 cup blue pottery mixing bowl.   I’d miss the rest, but I could get by with the above!   Just don’t tell Ernie!!! 

Susan ~ Patchkat



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