Whew! Come’on shoulders…we need to talk!

My little NYE Mystery tops are completed.   It took Ernie and I both to get one hung for a picture.  He’s having major issues with his shoulder and we know all about mine.  I can’t hold my arm very high over my head without some support.  ANYHOW, we hung one and I took a picture…I folded both quilts and snapped a picture on the table so you can see the different borders.  I think they turned out cute and will be great kid quilts!

 I want to make another quilt from this pattern using a controlled scrappy batch of fabrics.   I can see all the green circles done in oranges and reds with purples for the star points and the center of the stars.  I’ll need to check my scrap bins.   Thanks, Ann!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Whew! Come’on shoulders…we need to talk!

  1. Ya’ll did a great job taking pictures – just don’t overdo it when you’ve both been doing well! The kitty stars are so cute – and both borders look great – fabulous children’s quilts. Nice job!