The mailman cometh ~

Christmas is barely over, we’re looking at a week of frigid temperatures and in the nick of time, the first seed catalog has arrived!!! 

Totally Tomatoes  is my all time favorite.   This was the first catalog of many that I ordered.   I’d never seen a catalog so full of tomatoes in the most unbelieveable colors…and I certainly never realized there were so many unusual varieties…tomatoes with stripes, speckled flesh, smooth skinned, wrinkled skins, huge tomatoes, tiny tomatoes and every size in between.  

Just looking through the catalog makes me want to roto-till the garden and start planning, plotting and ordering for Spring!

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “The mailman cometh ~

    • I should’ve mentioned the catalog is full of peppers and a few other specialty vegetables. I’ve ordered from them with great results!

  1. while in Iowa, we always seamed to get Garden catalogs about the time there was a blizzard ! It made for good reading while having cup of HOt tea watching the wind blow. Last year I got a tomatoe one that made me want to cut the beautiful pics and decopage them to something! stay warm ~ dream about the tomatoes !

    • Exactly! I don’t want to cut my catalogs up, but I do seem to save them for years! I love dreaming about the next garden….wish they’d grow themselves like I visualize them!

  2. I love getting seed catalogs. I’ve gotten three so far and it’s so fun to dream about what we’ll be able to do in a few months!