NYE Mystery Quilt Progress

I’m really NOT crazy, lol…but I had a dream last night about my NYE Mystery blocks.   One should always listen when the fabric, blocks, quilt tops speak.  I had originally set mine up to assemble the top this morning in a 4 x 6 layout…nice, large snuggle quilt or with bordering, almost twin size.

In my dream, that’s not how I saw those blocks.  The blocks have a kitty print in the center and bright orange star points.  Love them!  However, the blocks told me they wanted to be set 3 x 4 and become 2 children’s quilts! 

Here they are, unpressed and unbordered, but as you can see, the blocks were correct!  These are going to be wonderful children’s quilts and will be donated to children in need.

I need to carry them into the sewing room and audition border fabrics as I don’t have enough of any of the fabrics used to make borders.   Surely while they’re laying in there, they will tell me how they want to be bordered!!!  Let’s hope….

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “NYE Mystery Quilt Progress

  1. I’m glad you were a “Block Whisperer” and listened when they spoke. They will be wonderful for children’s quilts.

  2. some of the best quilty ideas just pop into your head at the oddest times! They will be great kids quilts.

  3. Glad to know that I’m not alone in having blocks talk to me! Mine get down right bossy at times…..lol