Is It Friday Yet? YESSSS!

It’s Friday!  Dear sweet Ernie finished taking down the Christmas tree earlier in the week…now I need to finish packing the ornaments.  Thank You notes were written and sent, boxes and wrapping paper properly stashed, and all the Holiday food is gone from the freezer/refrigerator.  Christmas has officially ended at our house.  

Once the work part is done, my first priority is to water in the greenhouse, the roses and the trees…then do a little yard  cleaning…we’re due some frigid cold weather next week.  Think I may need to pull some leaves around the roses and redbud trees for insulation!  

My second priority is to set the NYE mystery blocks into a quilt top!   I can’t wait to see the blocks together.  I think my limey green will make really subtle rings around the bright stars.  Of course,  I have no fabrics left to make borders, so I will need to search the stash for an acceptable border option.

” All Points North and South” is still on the design wall.  Need to add the solid blocks and start setting the rows together.  Want to get that one off the wall and onto the HQ.  Spring will be coming and I need the tops quilted that are to go on the twin beds in the bunkhouse. 

I have lots of plans.  Hope the energy level is there to allow me to get it all done!

Susan ~ Patchkat

PS…my CT Scan has been rescheduled for the 17th.


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