The kitties are telling me you’ve had a Birthday!  With that in mind, we’re here to wish our favorite Auntie a very Happy Birthday!!!  Hope your day is bright, cheerful and everything you wish it to be.   Don’t forget the party hats, cake and ice cream!

 PS  Don’t forget, you’re still older than me!!!!



One response to “~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE DEB ~~~!!!

  1. Ha! Those rotten kitties know *everything*! But I’m not much older! It’s a kick being called “auntie” by nieces and nephews who were kids with me! And you are all grandparents and I’m not. How is that fair???

    Texas may be the only place a chicken is called a “yardbird”. I love that name and wish I had some yardbirds of my own. Alas I have enough problems finding a place that will let me take my kitty. If I showed up with a cageful of yardbirds and a goat I’d be homeless the rest of my nacheral borned life.

    Too bad your scan got canceled. That would make me a bit anxious. I’m not a good “waiter-arounder”. Any hints on when it will be rescheduled? That’s wonderful news about Ernie’s Mom! Now you guys need to make it three-for three and be done with the entire thing.

    And – I like that colour combo in your mystery block. Subtle is not so bad, and I’ll bet it shows up much better when you get a bunch of them pieced together.

    That’s it for me. My washer/drier threw a bearing, I sheared off a molar (big surprise!) and one of the two places which we might fit into was sold today. Tomorrow better be better. :)

    Love ya!
    Yer “Ole” Auntie Deb