Stashbusting is underway!!!

For the first time in almost 6 months,  I’ve actually started a new quilt!!!  I’m working on Ann Smith’s NYE Mystery Quilt.   I’ve been cutting fabrics on my “cutting table” (the kitchen bar) and am actually sewing on the dining table!  For those who have kept up with the health issues, this is a MAJOR accomplishment for me :-)  It’s great to be able to use my rulers and rotary cutters again.   Same for being able to sit in a normal chair with my machine at the normal height rather than on an adjustable table set really low.  I can lift my arm high enough to sew again!!!

So, to jump right into my activities…

  • Yardage purchased this week  –  0 yds 
  • Yardage used this week  –  8  yds
  • Year to date purchased  –  0 yds
  • Year to date used  (goal 300 yds)  –  8  yds 
  • UFOs completed (goal 12)  –     0
  •  Charity quilt tops ytd (goal 20)  –   0

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Stashbusting is underway!!!

  1. That makes me so happy to hear that you’re cutting and sewing. I wish you the best in 2011.

  2. I went Day one , with no fabric buying! I did go fondle some at
    Walmart, they got in a better quality line, and it is just up my alley-so I just touched and felt it. SHook my head and walked away.
    DH does not believe me that I wont buy any fabric in Jan., so I extended it to cover Feb. also. Computer needs first-lol
    So good for you Susan!

  3. That’s great news – back to sewing. And your first weeks’ stasbusting ain’t too shabby either. :-)

  4. That is the best news that the New Year could bring. May you be ready for even better and brighter news all year long.

  5. I’m glad to hear you are able to do some cutting and sewing.
    May the Lord keep blessing you through the year.