Some finishes

These quilts are finished, washed and ready to pack.  I need to finish the binding on the butterflies and get it washed.   I think this batch will be heading north to WI for Mission of Hope. 

There are so many tops waiting to be quilted, I need some time off to play in the sewing room!

One of the “crumb quilts”…made with lots of little scraps!   A great way to empty a scrap bin.    I see I didn’t get the edges straightened out for the photo…it really is squared!  

Should make some little girl happy.  This one finished at 45″ x 55”.

Susan ~ Patchkat



It hasn’t changed by leaps and bounds, but it HAS changed :-)   The HQ16 is getting a long awaited workout!!!

  • Yardage purchased this week  –  0 yds 
  • Yardage used this week  –  4.5  yds
  • Year to date purchased  –  0 yds
  • Year to date used  (goal 300 yds)  –  28.5  yds 
  • UFOs completed (goal 12)  –     1
  •  Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20)  –   2
  • Charity quilts completed –  ytd (goal 20) –   4

I’m finishing the binding on a NYE Mystery quilt and have the binding sewn on a little butterfly quilt.  Just need to hand stitch it down!  And I’m counting it as done on this report :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat

An afternoon in the kitchen…

 Started with another batch of granola…used molasses for part of the sweetener.  It’s pretty strong, not sure if I’m going to like this batch as well as the first.  I mixed in cranberries, blueberries, almonds and walnuts…and some chopped dates.

                                  Here it is ready for storage

I had promised Ernie some Banana Nut Bread for the last few days.  Tastes just right good especially when smeared with a dab of real butter ! 

 I didn’t only make sweets,  I started a pot of chili beef soup.  It’s done and cooling to go in the refrigerator.   I’ll make cornbread and green salad to go with it for tomorrow’s dinner.  

We’re having grilled Tuscan chicken tonight!

Susan ~ Patchkat

The new Bull’s Harem, Kitties and Siskins!

Not only were there more Pine Siskins this morning, but the neighbor bought a new bull and he was laying in our back 40 surveying his new harem!  Out with the camera I went and this is what I have to show…

If you enlarge the photo, you might be able to see the Pine Siskins yellow (wings and under tail area)  The bottom bird had just landed.    I counted 11 birds in the tree waiting to get on the bag…they weren’t comfy with me standing there.  Silly birds. 


The new bull is huge.   He stood looking out the gate for awhile, then laid down in the middle of the herd.   I bet he came in from the auction last Wednesday.


Here is part of his new harem.  I counted 20 cows, yearlings and calves.   I think that’s the neighbor’s complete herd from the pastures on the other side of the road.   He has lots of cows scattered through various pastures.

Here we have a little “lunchtime” action.

The kitties all followed me to the back 40 for this next batch of photos.  

These 2 yearlings were closest to the gate and extremely interested in the kitties.  They came up to within 10′ of me.

I just love these little white faced cows.  They look so sweet.  The lead cow has a white face with a black spot on her forehead…and she’s twice the size of this yearling.

 Sure is nice to have a herd without the hassles of ownership!

Susan ~ Patchkat


More Tests…when does it end???

Had an Echocardiagram today.  We determined I  *DO* have a heart…it beats, makes noise and blood flows.    I won’t know anything more until Monday when I see the oncologist.

Did a little shopping for the office, had lunch, then back home.   Think we decided dinner is whatever one can find in the refrigerator.   That’s always cool cause it gives me more sewing time.    Actually,  I need to go pick out some more tops to load on the machine tomorrow!

  This morning saw me out feeding birds…and I snapped a few more photos of the Cedar Wax Wings…

There was a flock of maybe 100 out there, but I also had 9 cats milling around my ankles, so the birds kept to the top of the trees.

There were also Pine Siskins on the thistle feeder.  First ones I’ve seen here!

My photos aren’t very clear of the the Siskins, but maybe they’ll be back tomorrow.  Pretty little birds, V-shaped tails, yellow on their wings and lots of brown striping.  They seem to love the thistle sock.  It’s empty tonight.  Lucky for them,  I bought another one today.

 Not to be outdone, Swirl had to be petted and get his time in front of the camera. 

He’s a HUGE un-nuetered male…with dark swirls on his sides.  He came to us about 2 years ago, meaner than mean.  He still runs off all the strays, but he keeps our population stable. 

He’s not overly trusting, but he does love to be petted.  Swirl comes when called.   He fathered Ebby’s kittens last Spring…the ones she lost.  They were huge and she was too little to be a Mom.  Now she’s fixed…and still hangs with Swirl.   We encourage him to hang out here and enjoy scratching his head.


Susan ~ Patchkat

Good News!

Had a visit with the Ortho Surgeon yesterday.  He took more x-rays of the arm and said it’s looking great!  There is new bone growth where the original tumor was and the rod/pin is still tight in the bone!  He was pleased with the mobility … even though I’m not totally pleased on that count.   He and his staff always make me feel good.  They always remind me that God is the greatest healer.  Never underestimate the power of prayer!

When I parked at the office today, there was a gorgeous Yellow-Shafted Norther Flicker  in the pecan tree.   If you’re not familiar with birds, this is a big guy…about 12″ tall with a little spot of orangy-red on the back of his head, a black bib, a spotted belly and gold/black striped wings.  They have long heavy bills and pointy tails.  Really pretty birds and a blessing to see. 

Ernie had dinner ready when I got home, so we were done in the kitchen earlier than normal.  We watched a movie and I managed to bind most of a little quilt.  I’ll finish and post pictures tomorrow.  I have 1 more of the NYE Mystery quilts to bind!  I’ll have to pull out more quilt tops to load on the machine this weekend :-) or I won’t have any hand quilting to work on next week!  Gotta get these quilts done and out of here…they’re not doing anyone any good stacked in the sewing studio.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Birdhouses and Birdies

I like birdhouses ~ and birds! 

These houses were made for Mom and hung on her kitchen soffit for the last few years of her life.   They are too cute to trash, and I think they look pretty cool lining the greenhouse room wall.  I can see them from the loveseat!

Obviously, these were strictly decorative.   We do have birdhouses on the garage wall that have housed several years worth of Carolina Wren families and a family of sparrows. 

This morning,  I could hear the Cedar Wax Wings in the backyard…by the time I got the camera and was back outside, they split into 3 or 4 groups and flew away.   There seem to be over 100 birds in this flock…this was the small group that flew into the neighbor’s pecan tree.  I think they weren’t going far from their food source in the hackberry trees. 

The Cardinals and the Starlings don’t seem too happy about the recent invasion to their feeding grounds.

Susan ~ Patchkat