Flat Stanley wraps up his visit

How fun was it to have Flat Stanley here when his “classmate” Hunter arrived for vacation!  They got to do some cool things together.

Flat Stanley was here for the great Christmas gift opening festivities.  He helped everyone open gifts, picked up trash and played with all the toys.

Later in the day, he helped rake leaves and went hiking with Hunter and his cousins.

There was some target shooting with the BB guns and lots of time to play with the kitties.  Here is Flat Stanley with Blondie and SassyFras.  They were trying to sneak in a nap!   

Flat Stanley went to work yesterday with me.  He played on my computer and visited in the office.  Think I even caught him eating a piece of candy!

We’ll finish our visit over the New Year’s weekend, then Flat Stanley is off on more adventures.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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