Flat Stanley comes to visit!!!

Flat Stanley is a school project for Hunter, our Grandson.  Flat Stanley has come to visit G’ma and Granddad for the Holidays!

Here he is in the Christmas tree…not sure what he was doing other than snooping through packages and checking out the ornaments :-)  Typical boy!

Flat Stanley has helped make and deliver candy to several locations.  He has learned all about dipping chocolates and how messy it can be!  Not only that, but he didn’t much care for the cappacino creams!

We’ve been really busy in the kitchen while Flat Stanley has been with us.  We’ve made fruit cakes, cookies, brownies, turtles and 3 other types of candies.  

As you can see…Christy has done most of the baking while I’ve mixed and rolled candy balls for dipping.   You’ll have to disregard the dark circles under my eyes as we’ve not had much rest.   In addition to working, I’m still taking radiation treatments and then trying to stay up and visit with Christy in the evenings.  The nice Boss Lady has allowed me to take some days off while Christy is here as who knows when she’ll get to come back to Texas to visit.  It’s been wonderful!!!


We had radiation treatments all week.  Don’t you love the hospital gown?  

We’ve done some serious shopping…and of course, nothing would do but Flat Stanley had to come along…he’s shopped and eaten and been pretty good.  He will certainly have tales to share with Hunter and his classmates when he returns to Wisconsin!

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “Flat Stanley comes to visit!!!

  1. Well now! I am jealous of Flat Stanley, spending all that lovely time with you while I just sit and read about it. :) I’ll bet it’s the first time he’s had radiation – that should give him something to talk about once he’s back in Hunter’s classroom!

    Your creations sound yummy. Would be fun to sit down and do some of those together. Sending a hug instead.

    Aunt Deb

  2. I’m glad Flat Stanley has enjoyed his visit with you. He’s been to Arizona twice to visit with me. Why didn’t they have Flat Stanley when our kids were little? He’s so much fun!

  3. I’m glad to see Flat Stanley didn’t end up covered in chocolate! :-) When my nephews were little we had great fun with a Flat Stanley making the rounds. And my, what a fetching gown!

  4. Merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year is my wish for you . It looks as if there was lots of fun activities with your family during the holidays

  5. So good to see you up and “doing” some of the Christmas things we all treasure. Your gown is lovely! It is a part of what we sometimes are stuck with to get to do what we want to do. you are in my prayers for this season- that it might be good- and the coming year- that it might be great!