Why didn’t I have the camera???

Coming home from the Dr office,  we passed field after field of blackbirds…I think they were Starlings.  The ground was black with birdies and the trees had birdies for leaves!  It was totally cool…and I had no camera with me.   Now that I have better use of my arm,  I need to get in the habit of grabbing the camera in the mornings.  Maybe we’ll have the opportunity to see the “blackened” fields another day.

About the Dr. visits…for those who are keeping up with our medical sagas

I started radiation treatments on my pelvic bone and my right scapula (shoulder blade) this past Wednesday.  I am scheduled for 10 treatments on the shoulder and 15 on the pelvic bone.  The CT scan of the pelvic bone is pretty scary.  If you look at a skeleton,  you will see the pelvic bones form ovals on either side below the hip joints.    On my left pelvic bone, on the side closest to the thigh, it looks like someone took a big bite out of the outside edge of the oval.   On the CT scan,  it shows a fraction of a piece of bone at the top of the bite…not the nice round bone that should be there.   It rounds out again to both sides of the “bite”.    I am trying to be more careful with steps and such.  A fall would probably NOT be a good thing.    

On a positive note…I am finally able to shampoo my hair using TWO (2) hands…and today,  I managed to hold the hair dryer and my round brush!!!  What a major accomplishment for me :-)   We take joy in all small advancements.   I’m hoping to attempt pinning a quilt on the machine this weekend!!!!  Wish me luck.

Ernie is doing quite well in his recovery.  The incision has completely closed.  He’s learning to use the new “resevoir – bladder.”  He’s up and about, still tiring easily.  He’s driving and helping with what he can.  It’s good to see him on the mend! 

After dinner last night,  I started the candy making.  Didn’t get far as one of my bags of carmel is old and didn’t flatten out nicely.  I did make a few turtles though.   Maybe tonight I can chop up the fruit for Apricot balls.   I narrowed my choices down to 4 candies that we really like.   Cranberry balls, Apricot balls, Turtles and Cheesecake balls.   If I don’t get them done,  don’t guess it’s the end of the W0rld, LOL.   My taste buds will be most unhappy!

Our oldest Daughter, Christy arrives tomorrow!   There’s lots of activity and excitement around our house :-)  Wish I had the time off to stay home and play! 

Susan ~ Patchkat


8 responses to “Why didn’t I have the camera???

  1. Those must be “our” blackbirds. They left here about a month ago headed south. Gracious! Some people have a full plate. You have a full platter! Take it easy and try not to take any tumbles. No fire-ladders or diving platforms for you young lady!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, remembering a Christmas long ago we shared.
    Love, Auntie Deb

    • We saw a few today on our way home…think you’re right…they look more like Grackles.

      Wish we could share another Christmas!!!


  2. I say good bye to those black birds too… They fill our trees coming and going south… And they are loud!!!!! I did get a chance last year to film our trees when they came. Our trees were as you said….covered in them.

  3. Glad to hear Ernie is on the mend. Take care of yourself – none of my klutzy endeavors for you! It’s those little steps – being able to wash the hair – that help you see progress. Happy quilt pinning and candy making. If I were closer I’d come help eat — I mean help MAKE the candy. ;-)

  4. Any chance you might be able to print the 4 recipes you listed after Christmas? Good luck with your treatments. My prayers are with you.

  5. You have such an amazing attitude and are an inspiration to me with how you are facing your health issues. You will continue to be in my thoughts…