3 days of Wrapping Central

That’s what it feels like.  Our dining table has been covered with gifts, boxes, packages of tissue paper, tags, bags, and wrapping paper.  Am I done yet?  No.  But all the gifts that need to be mailed are pretty much done.  Still have 2 to box and wrap today.

Once the packages are done,  all that’s left is a little bit of candy making and some baking.  Oh….and some beaded bookmarks and bracelets.

Have the office party tomorrow evening and the church party is Sunday afternoon.  Gifts are done, cooking is not.  Somewhere in all of that, we need to do a tad bit of decluttering and cleaning.  We’re back to the point of every flat surface in the house being covered in junk and papers.

Christy will be here next Saturday!  Yeah!   She’s into card making and scrapbooking. There’s a whole different agenda for when she’s here, lol, so I need to get all this other stuff out of the way.

Time to shower.  Have appt with Oncologist today…and some stops to make in Abilene before we head home.

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “3 days of Wrapping Central

  1. I would love to see picture of your beaded bookmarks and bracelet. I pray that things go well at the Doctor tomorrow.

  2. No need to clean on my account. I’m coming to help!
    last minute stuff going on here too! :)

  3. Susan,
    You are like a whirlwind. I hope you take the time to sit back and enjoy some Christmas music