The 2010 Tree is UP!

It only took me 4 nights to get the ornaments on it, but it’s DONE and that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!!! 

I can remember when as soon as the tree went into the stand,  I would start decorating and not quit til it was completed.  That wasn’t too many years ago!  Sad.  We downsized tree sizes so it wouldn’t be such a job…guess what…

This tree holds as many ornaments as the old one that was twice as large around!  And it took me 4 evenings to get this far. 

The stockings are hung and the house is pretty much decorated.   All that’s left is clean house and start gift wrapping.   Which just told you what our weekend agenda will be.

With any luck,  I’ll squeeze in a little crocheting to finish a project or maybe even a little hand quilting!  It’s been so long since I could do the hand work, this is a special treat for me!

We’re both still dragging, but things are looking much better.  Ernie doesn’t have to go back to his DR til March 1st.  My surgeon doesn’t need to see me again until the end of January.   All that leaves is the oncologist and the radiologist to see on Monday.  I’m hoping they will start spot radiation again on the 2 remaining bone tumors.  Need to get them under control!  The one on my arm is growing new bone and healing according to the x-rays taken last Tuesday! 

I hear the wrapping paper calling me!

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “The 2010 Tree is UP!

  1. The tree looks beautiful, especially reflected in the mirror. I love the skinny trees. Excellent news on the healing!!! Glad you able to get back to some of your projects.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! And I don’t even have mine up yet. Next Sat. will be decorating day around here, too much work before that. Maybe you need a little snow to add sparkle? lol

  3. The tree is beautiful, Susan. Don’t worry about how long it took you, the result is awesome!