Post Thanksgiving and there’s nothing left but the smell!

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?  We’ve snacked on leftovers and now it’s done.  We can concentrate on Christmas doings. 

Thanksgiving was a very quiet, relaxed day…no time schedule to follow and with only 4 of us and all adult, everyone had their own agenda til dinner time.  I have to admit, we missed having the younger kids around :-(   The Holidays just need the hub-bub of kids!

We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on Friday.  It was celebrated with leftovers and tv movies, lol.  We’re just thankful to both be healthy enough to celebrate the 30th and hoping we can make another 30~!  Maybe when we’re both healthier,  we’ll take a trip somewhere and do something special.

Laura and Emylee put the tree up Friday before they headed home.  Ernie and I finished the lights Saturday and with luck,  I should have the tree decorated tonight.  We watched movies on the Hallmark channel last night and decorated the tree.  It’s pretty much done except for the long icicle ornaments, the topper and the skirt. 

I decorated the mantle last night.  All that’s left is to find the Santas and set them out…I’m afraid they’re in boxes in the basement.  I hate going down there!  There could be bugs and spiders….ick.  Since I know the wreath for the front of the house is down there, guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and just do it.   A job better left for daylight, lol.

Patchkat ~ Susan


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