We’re home!

Pulled up this evening…met by a gaggle of excited kitties and one stray dog!  I managed to drive us home with my bum arm.   My “sitapotomas” hurts and I’m tired.  It’s good to be home!

We had to stay in the DFW area for the weekend as Ernie had developed an infection.  The DR changed his antibiotics and asked us to stay until today.  After a phone call to the DR, we packed the van (okay, Daughter Stacie packed the van), caught the kitties (Stacie did that too) and were ready to leave. 

I inserted the key into the ignition…got the dreaded dead battery sound!  UGH!  Good thing Stacie was there.  Parked right next to me, batteries on the proper sides and she had a handy set of jumper cables.  We got the van started and didn’t turn it off till we got home!

When we arrived at the house, our Pastor, Brad, came to help unload.  Our Fire Chief, Randy, and his wife, Deanna, helped carry stuff in and got the hot water heater lit.  Randy’s brother, Cody (VFD Pres) stopped to welcome us home and joined Brad, Ernie and I in prayer.   The Boss Lady’s hubby, Mike, showed up with the extra outside kitty food.  It’s good to have friends!  God is good.

Many thanks to all who have kept us uplifted in prayer.  The trip was good.  We got to visit with the kids and other family members, and we’re praying that all the pathology reports are good!

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “We’re home!

  1. Thanks for the update! I was thinking about you 2 yesterday and wondered what was up. You probably should walk around a bit and give the “sitapotamus” a chance to rest, lol!

  2. Glad you are home safely.. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you. You have been missed by all of us out here in cyberspace. I have also been concerned about you taking care of yourself, but sounds like you have a good support system. Friends are so often under rated.
    Take care and get some rest and pet the kitties for me.

  3. God has given you today, rest and recuperate please. Friends are another gift. You are our gift from God. Take care of you two, wish I were closer to help you all out as well. Thanks fo rletting us know!