I spent the day surrounded by 3 of our children and the Pastor (and his family) from Burkett.    I was on the phone with the oldest daughter several times during the day.   The hospital Chaplain (a lady!) visited with us in the AM in pre-op.  She prayed with us and visited for quite a while.  

Ernie was in surgery by 11:45AM.    5 hours on the table later,  the surgeon came out to tell us everything had gone exceptionally well and he was quite pleased with the outcome.   God is good.   HE promises never to forsake us and every day, we’re reminded of HIS  love for us through HIS promises.  HE is to be praised for all HE’s done in our lives!  Glory to God!

While we were sitting in the waiting room this afternoon,  the Chaplain came around again to visit with Stacie, Laura and me.  She had brought Ernie a beautiful hand knit Prayer Shawl from the ladies group at one of the local churches.  It’s browns/tans and a really soft knit.  Cuddly!  We talked about Prayer Shawls and how they’re made in prayer, and meant to cover the recipient in prayer.   I will carry it in for Ernie tomorrow when he’s moved to a room.    The outpouring of love and care from strangers and friends alike has been overwhelming.

Now, we’re praying for a safe recovery.  Think we’ll  be in Dallas for another 7-10 days.   Ernie was in major pain when I left the hospital tonight, but they were giving him pain pills to supplement the morphine and he was pretty groggy and hopefully, will be able to drift off into a peaceful, painfree sleep.   I hated to leave him, but I need to stretch out flat for awhile.  Having major hip/back issues that sitting and standing are aggrevating greatly. 

Stacie has stayed with me tonight to ferry me around.  We took a room at St Paul’s guest house in Dallas.  Pretty nice facililty and close to the hospital.   My only complaint is the lack of places to eat after 6PM.   We finally found a Denny’s, but there isn’t much else around the hospital/university.  That strikes me as so odd…,most times, there a tons of fast food places around hospitals.   Looks like a business opportunity to me!

Off to bed tonight.  Please keep us in your prayers.  Say a special prayer of Thanks for the many blessings our Lord has provided…both in our lives and those of your loved ones.   Just a reminder to live each day as if it’s your last…as one never knows what tomorrow holds.   Tell those you love how much you appreciate and love them.

Thank you to all who have kept our family in your thoughts and prayers.  We love you. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


18 responses to “SURGERY IS OVER!!!

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated on yourself and Ernie. You are, of course, in many thoughts and prayers!

    • Now, if someone would just give me something for this arthritis! My hips just aren’t happy with all the sitting and standing…or the long car rides. I may have to get a walker to get around if I don’t get some relief.

  2. Susan~~I’m so glad the surgery went well. You & Ernie are in my thoughts & prayers. You are blessed to have so much support during this time!

    Hugs, Joan

    • We have been totally blessed! Keep us uplifted in prayer…we need to heal and move forward now.

  3. God *is* watching over all of us. It’s great to hear the surgery went well. Hope Ernie’s pain will soon be better. Love and prayers from all of us.

    • yes Sheryl. HE is definitely watching over us all. I will keep in touch to let ya know how things are going. I don’t know how many daytime minutes I have left, so it may have to be emails!

  4. Yes, God is good, his love endurth forever. He carries us when
    we can not carry ourselves, as the saying goes, that is when one
    sees just one set of footprints. I know personally, he has carried
    me many times.
    So thrilled to know that Ernie is doing so well. Prayers are being
    answered one by one. Susan, keep your strength up and do not
    forget to take care of yourself. You are loved and our prayers
    are with you too.
    Bob & Betty

  5. Hi Susan,

    Just want you to know I appreciate you and all you do for the post.
    This comes with a prayer for a speedy recovery for you both. Do take time out to take care of yourself.

    • Thank you Joyce. Last night is the first night in weeks…maybe months that I’ve slept for 8 hours straight. Feeling a little better today. Ernie is still in considerable pain,but that’s going to be the norm for awhile.

  6. So glad to hear your husband’s surgery is over. I pray that God will grant both of you healing and comfort.

  7. What good news that Ernie came through OK. All the love has to be helping him, and your tremendous faith.