It’s Amazing…

What God and a good night’s sleep can do.  Stacie and I hit the sack about 1AM and slept until 8AM!  For me,  that’s a record.  Hasn’t happened for MONTHS!  My hips are still screaming, but the rest of my body feels better.

Brad (the Pastor) and his family beat me to the hospital.  They’ve visited with Ernie and left heading for home.  Stacie is still with me,, but Lance and Laura went back to work today.  They’ll be in here after work to spell me for awhile.

Ernie slept off and on as one does after heavy anesthesia.  He’s still dozing this morning.  I’ll be warming a seat in the waiting room so he will rest.  If I’m in the room, he’ll fight to stay awake.  

For now,  I’m off to check on him again.  There’s not much else to do in a waiting room, lol. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “It’s Amazing…

  1. Susan, I am so thankful that Ernie’s surgery has gone so well. You are both so fortunate to have family and friends by your side during these times. You must have a very close-knit church family also in your community since your pastor and family were able to be there with you also. Yes, Prayer is so comforting.

    Try to get as much rest as possible yourself and know that you are both in our prayers and thoughts daily. Your note about the day of surgery brought tears to my eyes. The Chaplain sounds like a very nice lady.

    Take care,


  2. Hugs to Both of you.
    Don’t forget to take care of yourself!!! That means your hip too :)
    Love to You Both. I’ll be calling again tomorrow!

  3. It’s good to hear Ernie is through surgery and on the road to recovery. Take care of yourself too, you are still recovering yourself.

    Love you,
    Big hugs!

    Auntie Deb