Stashbusting ?

Can’t say I’ve managed to use anything out of my stash this past week as I was in the hospital.  My nimbers remain unchanged. ;-(    As you can see, I have a ways to go to meet my goals…and things are not looking good for lots of sewing anytime soon.  Ernie has surgery scheduled for Nov 5th.  He’ll be hospitalized in Dallas for at least 7 days and we’ll probably have to stay in the area for a week or so afterwards for follow-ups.  I plan to haul my sewing machine and several projects.  Maybe I’ll have a little progress to report in the next few weeks.  Maybe.

Yardage purchased this week – 0 yds 

Yardage used this week –    3.75 yds

Year to date purchased –  75.75 yds

Year to date used  (goal 300 yds) – 267.25 yds 

UFOs completed (goal 10) –     7

 Charity quilt tops ytd (goal 30) –    20

  While I was in the hospital, I finished 2 necklaces…1 a commissioned piece, the other for me :-) Still have a 3″ extender to make for the yellow.  Hoping I can get that finished today so I can deliver soon.






.It was very slow going, let me tell you.  I’ll be thankful when I have full use of both arms again! 

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “Stashbusting ?

  1. Hope all goes well in Dallas. Getting to do a bit of sewing will be good for your mental health too.

    You’ll be in my prayers…liz

  2. The yellow one is very unique – looks like stones. Love the one you made for yourself with the subtle colors and charms.

  3. I’m so sorry to read of your dad’s death, and then the struggles you and Ernie are going through. Sounds like such a challenging time for you. I will pray for you and your family!!! Hope you’ll be back to massive quilt production soon.

    • Carol, I can’t tell you how much I’m missing my sewing marathons. I have two groups I donate children’s (and some adult) quilts to and right now, nothing is getting done. All I want to do is get well and sew!

  4. Just read your post and wanted you to know that we are still praying for both of you. It was good to see you and your family. Wish you could have stayed longer. I will keep watching your post for updates. Wish there was something we could do for you but we will take you to the the Lord in prayer!
    Love you