A Glowing Experience!

I checked into the hospital on Tuesday.   The radiology folks brought me an I-131 capsule in a lead-lined canister which was pulled in a little wagon type affair about 3′ behind the technician.  That was a comical sight.  They’re all afraid of the capsule, and I have to swallow it!

Swallow it I did.  Said “good-bye” to Ernie and everyone else.  After that, it was isolation for me.   The nurses came in several times a day to leave huge glasses of lemonaide, water and ice on a counter.  Oh, they did bring in food trays 3 times a day…but other than that, I had no contact with the nursing staff.

The radiology tech came twice a day to measure my radioactivity levels…and from that, he determined if I could have visitors and how long they could stay.  Ernie was allowed 7 minutes on Wednesday…and had to stay 3′ away behind a lead shield.

Wanda came to visit on Friday morning.  She was allowed 1 hour.  She came bearing a quilting magazine, and a new audio book.   Ernie came daily.  Sometimes twice a day if he had errands to run in Abilene.  An hour drive each way for a 15 min visit seemed a little sad, but he was willing to do it. 

Ernie sprang me from captivity Friday lunchtime when my levels had dropped down to 3.4.  Now, I’m under house arrest till Tuesday.  Can’t be out milling with folks, can’t be around children, pregnant women, the kitties.  Try explaining that to my lover kitties who want to be in my lap. 

The ladies from Burkett Baptist were right here with a big pot of vegatable soup, cornbread, fried chicken, cookies and some side dishes.  I didn’t have to worry about Ernie having real food to eat. 

I will do another whole body scan next Friday to see how effective this treatment was…and chances are good that I’ll have to repeat the treatment in a few months.  After that, we’ll just have to wait and see.

We head for Dallas early Tuesday AM for Ernie’s pre-op visit and lab work.  He’s scheduled for bladder surgery on the 5th of November.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Susan ~ Patchkat


8 responses to “A Glowing Experience!

  1. Wow – talk about techonology! And just think about whomever came up with the idea – did a lightbulb light up over his head or was it a full nuclear reactor light up? (now envisioning a caveman with a burning branch for an idea and a prairie-woman with a candle….)
    Prayers to you and Ernie!!!
    And I hope your kitties will understand…it’s easy to explain to people, but our furbabies just don’t get it!
    Give each other a gentle hug as soon as you can, and know all our love is with the two of you!

  2. Hi Susan:

    At least with your glowing we won’t have to look too far
    to find you. You are our guiding light. (smile)
    As you already know, you and Ernie are in our prayers
    24/7. God is a loving God and is walking with you
    every step of the way.
    We love you both,
    Betty & Bob

  3. Continued hugs and prayers for you and Ernie. And how wonderful those Burkett Baptist ladies are!

  4. I’m glad you’re home, but the arm’s length from kitties is really harsh. They just don’t understand why Big Mama won’t cuddle da baby.

    You look so wonderfully healthy in the pics taken after your Dad’s funeral. No one would believe what you are going through from looking at you.

    You two take care and hang in there. It seems like forever but it will pass, one moment at a time.

    Sending much love and many prayers your way.

    Auntie Deb

  5. Susan, know that both you and Ernie will be remembered in our prayers. What a procedure you went through! I had never heard of that. And you are so blessed to have friends nearby like Wanda (where did she ever get her nickname–there’s nothing Wicked about her!!) And the wonderful people from your church. Hang in there, kiddo!

    • Thank you, Melba. Believe me, WWanda earned her “wicked” title! That’s why I love her :-)