H. W. CAVEL ~ 1929 – 2010

My Dad, Hall W. Cavel,  passed away unexpectedly, but peacefully, early Saturday morning.  One of 4 children, he had previously lost a sister, Ruby, and his twin brother, Harrel.  

His beloved bride, June, died this past March.   They’d shared 57 years of married life.  Dad was a devoted caregiver for June during a 10 battle year against Alzheimer’s.  He’s missed her beyond belief.   They have been reunited in Heaven in the presence of our Lord.     I’m so happy for them! 

Dad was one of the strongest Christian men in my life.  He instilled a deep sense of faith in his family and to the best of my knowledge, through all the trials and tribulations, his faith never wavered. 

Please keep Auntie Deb, my Brothers, Richard, Jerry,Jimmy and Mike, Sister Cindy, all the grands and extended families in your prayers as we go through the greiving and closure processes.

Susan ~ Patchkat



20 responses to “H. W. CAVEL ~ 1929 – 2010

  1. So sorry for your loss. We know where our departed love ones are and rejoice but still we grieve for their presense with us here on earth. Tough losing that generation. My mom died on Palm Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 85. I miss her so. I know she’s with Jesus (even spent Easter with Him!) but…My dad is 89 and is waiting to be with her. After 64 years of marriage his grief is intense. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Linda

  2. So sorry to hear the loss of your father,,,but remember this,

    I shall pass this way but once,
    any good that I can do, any kindness I can show,
    Let me do it now,
    for I shall not pass this way again,,,

    My father was a great dad, seems like yesterday he was calling me on the phone to come over for a visit,, that was back in 1989, but it doesn’t seem that long ago..

    May the Lord give you and yours strength, in your time,
    Linda J

  3. Know that your beloved father is this day in Heaven. May you know you’re thought of and prayers are coming your way.

    Hugs – Melinda

  4. You and family are in my prayers and thoughts. My father passed away last December and we really miss him. Your father sounds like a very loving and giving man and I am sure you will miss him and your mother. May knowing others are praying and caring about you get you through the following days. God be with you.

  5. I’m so sorry for the loss of your father. Will pray for you and your
    family. Just know he and his bride are reunited in Heaven and
    rejoicing in their love once again.

  6. My sincerest condolences and prayers are lifted up for you and your entire family. Peace be with you as you remember all the loved-filled, joyous moments of your lives together!

  7. Susan, from personal experience, I know how bitter-sweet this must be for you and your family. Know that your parents are ‘back together’ is the sweet part, but knowing why/how is the bitter. My condolenses to you and your family… prayers offered.

  8. Aww, Susan, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My dad passed away unexpectedly 34 years ago at age 56, and I lost my mom 16 years ago. My sincere condolences to you all, as you grieve and remember.

  9. Condolences to you and the extend family in these trying times but I know faith will help you all through it. Hugs and many prayers.

  10. Thank you all for the condolences and prayers. I will pass them along to the rest of the family.

  11. Susan, I’m so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family. You have been through so much the past few months. Your Dad sounds like he was a wonderful person who raised a wonderful daughter~~Hugs, Joan

  12. I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. I know you will miss him terribly. He is resting in the arms of his dear lord and reunited with loved ones once again. Love to you all.

  13. Hi Susan,
    Well, I thought I had your email address but can’t find it. I have those pictures to email you. Just let me know.
    PS good to see you and your family yesterday