Roscoe HS class of 65…a meeting of old friends!

Do you attend your HS class reunions?

Ernie’s class was very small by today’s standards.  28 in the SR class. 18 graduates.   (He’s 2nd on the left, 2nd row)

The class of 65 has a get together over homecoming weekend nearly every year.  Most of the classmates live within 200 miles of Roscoe.

This year, Billy and Kay graciously opened their beautiful Sweetwater home for a wonderful home cooked Mexican dinner with all the trimmings.   A look through the old yearbook, a scrapbook, and lots of rehashing of the old stories and “evil” deeds.  This year, there were several of the teachers in attendance, a couple of class of 66 grads and most of the spouses.  Sadly,  the class lost another member this past year.

 I’m behind the camera, so don’t go looking for me!  Billy and Kay are front row, right side leaning into the shot…how could you NOT have fun with thid crazy group???

Ernie is the light blue shirt middle row behind the cute gal in black top (Sandy).


Thanks to Billy and Kay for another fun visit!

Susan ~ Patchkat




6 responses to “Roscoe HS class of 65…a meeting of old friends!

  1. I’m like Judy, I’ve never been to one of my reunions (’65). We did go to two of Mick’s reunions (’64) and had a pretty good time, but few people were there that we knew.

    My brothers have gone to almost all of theirs. I think the classes were much smaller and everyone really knew each other. One of my brothers is going to his 50th this weekend wheel chair and all. He had a stroke on his last birthday in March. I think he’s doing well. Everything pretty much works good enough to use except one arm. He’s a real trooper! And his wife has been an angel and his best supporter.

    Billie in TX

  2. We went to my 10 year, but not the school I graduated from. That’s what happens when you change schools your senior year! Wa still close to the old one. never been back to any others, but then a class of over 500, who would be missed! Galen hasn;t been back to any of his either, one was while we were over seas. If they get a 50 year going he may want to go for that. His class was like Ernie’s very small!

  3. I love my class reunions. We just had our 40th this past spring and it was great to see everyone. DH loves to go with me but he won’t go to his own. Lol.

  4. I’ve only attended one of my hs reunions. I think it was the 30th; so everyone looked very different and some had left us permanently and some were just missing. What shocked me was that the snobby people were still snobby! They had to have a table by themselves but of course no one else got to reserve seating. Poor things, I feel sorry for the snobs, must be horrible to go through life being afraid of most of the world. Any rate, only one for me. Ernie is as cute as ever; I can just imagine that group having some mischief to talk about.