Good smells from the kitchen!!!

Remember these…

Well, we were gifted with another 15 or 20 little “moon pears”.  These things are so sweet!  They taste like honey to start with.

Scrap bucket of peels and seeds.  Addie usually throws hers in the bayou for the turtles and fish.  Water is so far back from the bridge, not sure I can do that, but may walk down and give it a whirl.  If I miss, bet there is another critter or two who would enjoy them.

Chopped, run through the blender with a little lemon juice, 1/2 c of orange juice.  Dumped into the heaviest pan we own on the lowest the smallest burner will go…needs to reduce down by about 1/3rd.  I added 3 cups of suger to 10 cups of pears.  Plenty sweet!

Chop sticks are for the lid to rest on to allow steam out and control the hot mixture when it starts to bubble.  I’d rather not be scraping it off the stove, backslpash and/or ceiling! 

Should be able to wash/sterilize jars in a few hours, pour this up and process in the boiling water bath.  Summer goodness put back for the winter!  I’ll post the finished jars tonight.  In the meantime, house smells yummy!

The yeild?  2 pints 1 half pint.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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