Exotica in Burkett

I posted a pic of the new rooster awhile back.  He’s a game cock. but hand tamed.  Several of the kitties have tried taking him on and changed their minds.  Well. now, Big Boy listens for the sound of dry food in the kitty pan.    He’s here twice a day to eat with the kitties!

I shouldn’t say “eat with”, because that’s not quite the case.  I don’t think Peppi was real happy to give up her place at the bowl.  White Foot moved off to the right just out of view and their Mom, Little Momma left.  At least, there seems to be peaceful co-existance for now.  It’s overcast or you could see his beautiful rusty red coloring.  

The neighbor who has the rooster was pulling up the other night when Daughter Stacie was trying to get a signal on her cell phone.  We’re talking about 10ish or so…Stacie without a light walking up the street.  In the car headlights, Stacie watched him run into his yard, grab a hoe handle and whop the stuffings out of a very fat, 9 rattle + button rattlesnake….right where Stacie had just walked!  Without it’s head and tail, it measured almost 4′ long and was about 4″ around.  Neighbor skinned it for a new belt and hopefully, Stacie learned a very important lesson.  

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “Exotica in Burkett

  1. He’s a very pretty (or should I say handsome) rooster, but I bet the kitties were not pleased. :-)