How many kitties can you find?

This is a normal evening feeding time in our household zoo.

l to r :  Sassy, Bear, Fraidy, Floppsy, Nuckley, Blaze, and Blondie on the floor.

You don’t see Apache and Mitzi on the other side of the room and PB who is off sleeping.

These guys are waiting on their spoonful of wet food, then they all go outside except for Sassy, PB and Mitzi…and I spend the next 10 minutes cleaning and disinfecting the counters.   When they’re all inside waiting to eat,  I feel like one of those animal hoarders, lol.  I think we need a larger kitchen!

Oh, there should be 7 kitties visable.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “How many kitties can you find?

  1. That makes me feel SO great! I have 10 wonderful kitties as well: Meeko, Spaz, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Teddy, Elvis, Mini Meeko, Dot, Cuteness and Crow. All but Crow are fixed and she will be as soon as I can take her in….they go in & out through a kitty window and mostly eat outside so NO litterbox – whoo hoo!

  2. I can soooo relate. We have 6 great cats and when it’s time to eat you can practically hear them screaming “WHERE’S MY FOOD!”

  3. I “only” have 4, but they are inside all the time! It is like a furry flood when it is time to eat.

  4. Love your group! Nobody told my cats to climb, they always stayed on the floor or the sofa. Go figure, they were social behind. Hope you are feeling better, my arm is improving with pain patches.Leaving for the SewNSew Sisters Retreat in Pomeroy Washington on Tuesday, flying at 6 am. This is my 14th years, can’t wait.

    Hugs patticake