Signs of Fall in Texas ~~~

Well….we’re into September…and the official start of Fall is rapidly approaching.  A sure sign of this in Texas is hay being cut, baled and moved to Winter storage fields. 

On the way home today, we stopped and grabbed this shot of one of the neighbor’s stoage areas.

I love seeing the rows of these round bales…field after field of them! 

We watch the bales disappear in the late Winter as they’re hauled off to the cattle pastures and the barns.  Love the smell of the hay!  Don’t like the snakes that frequent the fields and get stirred up during the cutting.

Another sign of Fall…the thistles!  This year, they’re all in the fencerows and we’ve seen fields covered in them.  I think they’re quite lovely, but sure don’t want them in our yard or pastures!  These stand about 12-18″ tall and the color is much more vibrant than my photo shows.

Time for a touch of Fall cleaning.  Tomorrow, the drapes get cleaned as the cream drapes have grown bands of black/ grey fur and burr clover stickers where the kitties rub on them.  We’ve brushed, swept and picked stickers from everywhere…We even found a handfull between the sheets the morning after they were changed…and I don’t remember any kitties in the bed with us!  Ah…. Fall….

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Signs of Fall in Texas ~~~

  1. Love your pictures. My husband said just yesterday he actually saw a “square” bale of hay in the back of a truck. You don’t see those much anymore.

  2. I love seeing bales of hay in the fields. Every now and then I lose my senses and put thistle seeds out for the finches and then I have a bumper crop of thistle growing in my yard.

  3. I can beat that my Blackberry phone ball stopped moving yesterday so I went to AT&T and was told I would have to buy another for $125 or take to to a repair stop accross town. My DS#2 was with me as we waited to pay his bill he poped the ball out, removed the sensor, blew it and used his finger in the cavity and up comes dog hair!!!! He wipes it out , puts it together and he works perfectly so I took him to lunch> Who knew the dog had used the phone, love patticake