What do you do when you can’t do much?

Everyone who knows me knows quilting is the hobby I’m most passionate about…followed by beading, scrapbooking, geneaology research and cooking.   All these activities require the use of 2 hands, holding/lifting things and good motor coordination.   Right now, that’s all beyond my reach.  I haven’t been able to use both arms/hands for nearly 2 months. 

It’s a blessing that I’m left handed and that I’m able to read, type (slowly), and feed myself, lol.  I will have to say that the only reading I’m doing is the scriptures.  I’m listening to audio books for the long drives to DR offices. 

A few hours each day are spent in Cafe World trying to acheive higher levels than my co-workers, lol.   I’ve acumulated enough points to redecorate my cafe, so that will be my evening entertainment when I can’t sleep.

More of my computer time is spent in EQ7…playing, designing and trying new things.  What a great program!  It’s much quicker than the old pencil and graph paper days.   Usually.   There are so many things I don’t know about the program yet…and when I hit those areas, it’s easier for me to grab pencil and paper than to fight the book 1 handed to read and learn. 

The rest of my computer time is spent working on the family trees in Ancestry.com.  That’s slow going and I can’t drag my big notebooks around, so not making great leaps and bounds.

There you have it…my list of what to do when you are unable to use 2 hands.   I’m looking forward to the day when my posts and photos are once again of finished quilts, necklaces or scrapbook pages!

Susan ~ Patchkat


11 responses to “What do you do when you can’t do much?

  1. Might be a great time to take a class in EQ at Quilt University! I just did the Applique class and the Advanced Layout Classes and really learned a lot more than I had done on my own.

    Hope you have had some better tasting food! It;s the pits to be sick and have to eat cardboard or yuck as well.

    Best to all of you.

    Jeanette in Ky

    • Better than hospital….we’re eating at home :-)

      I’d love to take classes. hoping those are in my future.

  2. Sweetie, you find something you want to sew and I would be glad to cut it out for you, even do the 1/2sq trianges and trimming. Just let me know.
    Hugs Patticake

    • Thank you Pat. I have a dear hubby who can cut basic stuff and WWanda cuts the more difficult stuff and helps sew.

  3. You’ve certainly had more than your share of health issues. I just wanted to let you know I love the quilt pattern you showed on your email (in EQ7) . I just got EQ for the first time, and am trying to learn it…. it’s not easy, to be sure. God Bless you in your search for good health – for you and the rest of your family.

  4. I just wanted to let you know I’m keeping you in my prayers. You’re going through a really tough time, but try to be at peace with the forced rest. We’re usually too busy all the time anyway!

  5. Hey hey, I just found the Broad Chalke Parish Wiltshire Register from 1550s to 1780 and our Caleb and Tabitha Cavil and family are in it! WOO-HOO! It gives us the baptismal date of each of their children, plus a child we didn’t know of, and the burial dates of Caleb and Tabitha.

    I put the dates on my Ancestry.com site, so you can grab it if you like. I also put the records on as a story.

    Also some very interesting Yelf information from the 1500s. Genealogy is good therapy when you have trouble getting up and doing other stuff.
    Hugs and loves,

  6. Susan, sounds to me like you are making lemonade! Glad to see you are staying busy in spite of those lemons.

    Prayerfully – lynne

  7. You are certainly managing to keep busy! Love you EQ pattern. I’m looking for a good book to read. If you find one, send me the title.

    God Bless You more and more and more,