Hospital Food….???

The hospital has a beautiful cafeteria.   It features seperate stations for hamburgers, pizza, soup & salad, chinese and a hot entree line.  

Between us, we’ve eaten from 4 of the stations.   My Patty Melt was greasy, the bread swimming in butter and not toasted well enough, Ernie’s Calzone was dry and mostly crust.  Yesterday, I ordered blackened Salmon.  That poor fish died twice, once when it was caught and again when it was cooked!  The mashed potatoes tasted weird and were instant,  the green beans were “citrus” seasoned…and swimming in butter.  Ernie’s soup had been heated too long, but the flavor was okay.

Lesson learned, lol….next time I’ll ask for 6 slices of crispy bacon and 2 pieces of dry toast, and add my own lettuce and tomato.   Gotta love hospital food.

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “Hospital Food….???

  1. Laughed at your description of the salmon. Pretty typical. You were probably never in Veterans Hospital in Tiemou, Taipei, Taiwan when you visited there. They had a food court-just go to Burger King. I think they had a pizza place as well we before we moved away!

    • No, we never had the need to visit the hospital in Taiwan. Thank God! The only places we visited were the mongolian BBQ in Tiemou, the Jade Market in Taipei, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Beautiful park.

  2. wow, thats sad
    i been to 3 hospitals lately
    its been gourmet food served, tasty, preetty in room
    with lots of choices too

  3. Visiting hospital cafeterias makes me sooo appreciative of the food we prepare at home. This time of year with all the fresh new veggies and fruits, there is a feast at our fingertips all the time. Thansk susan for the BOM I like it and will have fun using some of my stash. gotta love that

  4. Awww, hospital food’l KILL ya! What are they thinking? But I guess in Texas if it’s not deep-fried it’s “health-food”! LOL You need some of our local salmon, big run this year. Great sushi… mmmm sushi…. especially the tempura, which is deep-fried! IOW, you can take the girl out of Texas, but there’s no taking the Texan’s love for “deep-fried” out of the girl.

    Big hugs to the both of you, and prayers all around.
    Aunt Deb