Health Updates…

are ya tired of our health saga yet?  I certainly am!

I saw the ortho surgeon today.   I’m scheduled for surgery (in Brownwood ) on Sept 3 to run a titanium rod from shoulder to nearly the elbow.  

Ernie is scheduled for surgery (in Abilene) on Sept 7 to remove a tumor from the lining of his bladder. 

Neither of us is looking forward to these procedures…nor the fact that they’re so close together date wise and nearly 100 miles apart.   We’ll have one of our DDs here to help for a few days and 2 others we can call for help should we need extended care.   Both surgeries are day surgeries…though we may each be kept overnight for observation since we are so far from the hospitals.

This too shall pass and life will go on. 

On a good note, Ernie’s Mom’s BP and BS levels are close to normal today…now if they can get her white blood cell count up, she’ll be in good shape.

Keep us in your prayers.

Susan ~ Patchkat



10 responses to “Health Updates…

  1. Yes this will all pass, but that doesn’t mean it will be ignored. Oh GF, some serious praying going on for you, Ernie, and Hazel. Hugs all around.

  2. Good to hear you have help and backup available – I think I’d rather go first if given an option: that way dear hubby can help me for a few days. Hopefully by the time DD has to leave, you’ll be doing well enough not to have to rely on anyone…you’re in my prayers, Dear!

  3. Please know that my prayers and positives thoughts continue for you and all your family. You have touched more lives than you will ever know.

  4. You really do have your plate full right now. We will be keeping all of you in our prayers. Sorry we aren’t closer- we could help out if need be or at least be on call. Glad you do have family who can help.
    Hugs, Diana and Galen

  5. You and Ernie are the ones who are having to deal with all this. I get upset just reading about it. You two must be super human and have strong spirits. I’m sure you have a lot of people praying for you both.

  6. You are so right Susan, this will pass. The tunnel seems long though when you find yourself in it. You are definitely included in my positive thoughts and prayers. Quilty hugs

  7. When it rains, it pours apparently. All of you down at once. I’m not sure the “everyone get it over with at once” philosophy is one I’d recommend. But at least you can all lie around and “enjoy” the morphine together. I hate the way painkillers make me feel.

    You are all in our hearts, prayers and thoughts throughout the live-long day.

    Love you SO BIG!