Shades of Summer Table Runner

I’ve been playing around in EQ7 again.   I don’t use many tablerunners as our table is 7′ long and most runners aren’t proportioned to fit.  As shown, this one is 26.5″ x 62.5″ which is a nice size.   By changing the border widths, I could extend the size to fit most any table.

The pieced 9.5″ unfinished blocks are made up of 5″ sections.

The hot pink blocks are 5″ squares paired with a pieced square.  The pieced units consist of  1 – 2.75″  green square, 1 – 2.75″ x 2.75″ orange print rectangle and 1 – 2 .75″ x 5″ orange print rectangle set together as shown. 

Each 9.5″ unfinished block takes 2 hot pink and 2 pieced squares set with the green squares meeting in the center.   You’ll need 6 of the pieced blocks and 6 – 9.5″ orange alternate squares.  

Your borders can be any width you like.  As shown, the green inner border and the orange middle borders are 1.5″ strips.   The print outer border is 2.5″ wide strips.

Here is an alternate colorway for you!  How the look changes with color placement!  

These would make qiuck gifts.

Susan ~ Patchkat



14 responses to “Shades of Summer Table Runner

  1. These are really nice. What a change in the design by just switching colors.

    Glad to see you playing with EQ7. I need to play some more myself.


    • EQ7 has some really neat features. There is so much more I need to learn about using the program

  2. I like the “alternate” colorway the best! Glad to see you playing around with your EQ.

  3. Wow – that looks great!! Alyssa has JUST started quilting and doing projects like this (well, on a smaller scale, obviously :)) I am SO buying her a copy of EQ7 for her birthday!