How do you pick your pets?

Remember Mitzi…hit by a car, fractured pelvis, 12 weeks living in a dog crate…6 weeks of pain meds and monitoring her movements.  All that paid off as you can see.

Here she is this morning on her favorite perch.  She’s frowning at my camera.

Mitzi has been outside a couple of times since the accident, but she surely wants to be an inside kitty.   She’s not a kitty to be held, but she reaches out for your hand every time you walk past her.  She loves to be talked to and petted! 

She has no ill after effects from her near death experience and she’s fitting into our kitty household.   Guess she gets to stay….that seems to be how we get all of our house kitties.   We never pick them, they find and pick us :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


13 responses to “How do you pick your pets?

  1. that is the best kind, the ones that choose YOU. the ferals outside now stay under my building and know my footsteps so are waiting for me to feed them, despite DH having left out a few minutes before me. They knowhis big feet-lol. Mommie is pregnant and is so wide this time, if I can cacth her I keep trying to, hopefully before she delivers the 3rd or 4th liter on kme. Getting expensive to keep feeding so many, she got PG just after I took the other kittens to the humane society. I never
    had a chance. Its really good yours does not have any ill affects after all that. Hope you are getting along as well as you can too. PRAYERS

  2. She’s one lucky kitty. We got one of our dogs that way while living in MN. Foxy was a sweetie.

  3. I pick my dogs to match me, low energy, low to the ground, great disposition, easy going, only gets in rush when it is an emergency. We adopt our dogs and are on our second bassett hound, rescued at 4 and came with all the manners you could desire. Her name is Dixie Doddle. She is tri colored. Our first one was a 2 color brown and white and her name was Sealy. She lived until she was 12 and died of old age.
    My cats were found along a highway, they lived to be 20 and died after Katrina.

    I will never buy a pet!

    Hugs Patticake

  4. Oh I’m so happy she’s doing well and doesn’t need kitty therapy from spending so much time in a DOG crate. I would hate for her to have conflicting opinions of herself – am I a cat?? No, no, I’m a dog! No, I was a cat, now I’m a dog, yeah, that’s right. Don’t want her doubly traumatized!!

    Like our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel believes she’s a Labrador Retriever, and there’s no arguing with her – go figure. She worships her “big” sis! Leaping for the frisbee though doesn’t quite have the same effect. But she’s a great retriever!!! ggg

    Keep the kitty crew happy!! Best wishes, Melinda

  5. It’s tough going through something like that. I so wish we could explain to them that what we’re doing is for their own benefit. I’ve had to nurse several pets through surgeries and such and I always feel so bad for them.

    We have 5 pets right now (4 cats, 1 dog) and all of them have been rescues. We’ve been talking about getting another dog, but figure God will put the right one in our path when the time is right.

  6. What a lovely little girl – and lucky to have picked such a loving family! Good job, Kitty Mommy!

  7. So far, all my cats have been “donated” by family or their extended family. I have 4.

  8. Such a sweet little kitty. She’s lucky to have found good parents like you and Ernie!