How do you pick your pets?

Remember Mitzi…hit by a car, fractured pelvis, 12 weeks living in a dog crate…6 weeks of pain meds and monitoring her movements.  All that paid off as you can see.

Here she is this morning on her favorite perch.  She’s frowning at my camera.

Mitzi has been outside a couple of times since the accident, but she surely wants to be an inside kitty.   She’s not a kitty to be held, but she reaches out for your hand every time you walk past her.  She loves to be talked to and petted! 

She has no ill after effects from her near death experience and she’s fitting into our kitty household.   Guess she gets to stay….that seems to be how we get all of our house kitties.   We never pick them, they find and pick us :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat