Health woes ~~~

Think I’ve mentioned the shoulder problems before….well, after an x-ray revealed a tumor on the bone, I’ve been through a multitude of tests, scans, lab work and stuff.  It seems This tumor is destroying the bone.  I’ve had 2 radiation treatments and am on handfuls of pain pills.   I’ve also been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.   I’m not and have never been a smoker!  How did this happen? 

I have to undergo a biopsy and eventually chemo.  In the meantime,  We’re reading all we can find on macrobiotic diets, cancer and nutrition.

I tell you this to emphasize that you need to sign up for my blog updates to be sure you receive all the BOM blocks.  They are set up to automatically post if I cannot do it.

If you are of a praying nature, all prayers are welcome.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. You are in my prayers. My friend completely changed her health with a macrobiotic diet. Do what you need to survive. It sounds like you are being very positive and proactive. You will survive if you believe in yourself. Take time every day to do something fun for laughter can also truly heal.

  2. Susan, my prayers have been offered for you… you and your family have a long road to travel. My best too you… hope you can keep a very positive outlook for this battle.

  3. Hi Susan… my goodness! I just found your blog this morning via the Golden Thimble. So sorry to hear this news, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take good care, Karen

  4. Susan,

    Such sad news…I will pray for you every day…may God be with you…

  5. Susan
    I´m so sorry to get such awful news. I hope that you will be healthy again and will win the battle. I´m thinking of you and your family

  6. I’m so very sorry to hear you are having such health problems. Mick and I will keep you in our prayers.

    God Bless you and your family Susan.


  7. Susan, I’m so sorry to hear about the health problems. I’m sending all the positive vibes I have down toward TX. I know your family is just devastated by this, but it’s great you have them to rally around you.

  8. My prayers go out to you and your family. Such a roller coaster ride. Please know God and his Angels are at your side. Laughter, make sure you add laughter to your health regime. And be kind to yourself. Stay positive and have faith – many are praying for you. Take care my dear!!

  9. Susan,
    My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your family. Please take time to rest your body so that it can heal. I hope that you will find an answer to restore your health.

  10. Love and prayers are going out to you and your family. God is in the healing business. Hugs, Carol

  11. I was going to ask earlier today what your tests showed but didn’t. I thought that you would tell when you were able. You do, indeed, have a long row to hoe as my Grandma said. You will be held in prayer, from the looks of all the messages so far, by a great multitude! And I shall add mine……..

  12. Susan you are in our thoughts; please let us know if there is anything we can do. We can send Christy down for free if and when you need her.

  13. So sorry to hear this news from such an inspirational person.

    Yes lung cancer isn’t a smokers disease, but a disease affecting more non smokers all the time. Genes, diesel fumes, wood smoke, bbq smoke, pollution, cleaners, and asbestos are also some of the other possible reasons to get lung cancer. This just shows they don’t really know the cause but only want people to think there’s progress, I believe.

    We shouldn’t look at this as a smokers disease, but an environmental/genetic disease. Be brave cause that sounds like the person you truly seem. Hope and prayers is sent to a good person!

  14. My heart goes out to you and your family. The research on macrobiotic diets is a great move on your part–taking charge and beating this ugly cancer into submission! Will be rooting for you and following your progress.

    Lynda in Spokane

  15. Susan, I am so sorry to hear your terrible news! You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you begin your treatment to beat your cancer.

  16. i ‘m not of a religious nature, but i ‘m sending sincere hopes and best thoughts your way. i wish you strength in fighting this terrible disease.

  17. I’m not religious but will be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for good things

  18. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The diet is very important as well as a positive attitude. My Dad lived 25 years with cancer and passed away at 81 years old. He had kidney, bone and bladder cancer. He was the happiest and most positive person I have ever known. He taught me many life lessons including how to handle grave situations, his favorite was “When the going gets t0ugh, the tough get going” and “Tough times never Iast but tough people do” I have the saying on the wall in my kitchen so I can read it every morning. You are a strong woman and we are all behind you. God bless you. Love and hugs Patticake

  19. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I am currently undergoing chemo for lymphoma. A diagnosis of cancer can just blindside you. Look up up the song “What Faith Can Do” on You tube. I hope it will give you courage.

  20. Susan, Diana in TX sent me the update today. I’m so sad to hear of your awful health issues. Thank you for sharing, and I know the good vibes and prayers sent your way will help. Big hugs, Brita (Bluesbroad, formerly a Sunnie.)

  21. Susan I’m here from Patchwork Times to tell you that I have added you to my prayer list as well as a prayer list we have here at Sager Brown, a Methodist mission in south Louisiana. blessings, marlene

  22. Judy L sent me your way. I am praying for you. I pray for Peace that passes all understanding.

  23. What a bolt from the blue. How awful for you, truly.

    Be sure to eat all the wonderful fruits and veggies that are in season this August, then September, then October, and on and on and ON! :D Together with prayers / healthful wishes / sincere petitions by your friends and blog followers, something’s gotta work for you!

    All the best from El Cerrito, Calif.

  24. Lifting you and your family up in prayers for comfort and strength during these times. May God wrap his loving arms around y’all.

  25. I am so sorry to hear of your health problems. I am a 6 year survivor of breast cancer. I have a friend, she was a neighbor of mine for many years in California. She teaches macrobiotics. Do a google search for Mina Marjanovic. She is also a survivor of breast cancer roughly 15 years. Best of luck and I will pray for you.

  26. Susan, Was sad to hear of your health issues. May God watch over you and your family and give you all strength to see you through the tough times. Have faith that all things are possible to those that believe. Hugs Dar

  27. Oh, Susan, I am so sorry to read this news! I have really been enjoying your blog. It is just the perfect blend of news and pictures. I love going with you by photos around your home and neighborhood, the cats, the cows, the flowers and the gardens.

    I am the praying sort and I will pray for you without ceasing. I’ll include prayer for the doctors’ wisdom and the medicine’s effectiveness.

  28. Susan, I am sorry to hear of your health issues. Please know that I am sending warm healing thoughts to you and Ernie. Prayers to give you strength and courage to continue along the path of life.

  29. prayers are heavily sent your way. I beat Pancreatic cancer 10 years ago in May. Attitude is what the cancer dr said that beat it. I never gave a thought to not getting thru it. I was positive, as soon as he told me what it was, I said when are you getting it out? it shook him, my blunt talking. i had things to do, i didnt need this crap. but 14 months in the hsopital and lots of rehab for 2 years , cahnged a lot of things. Dont push yourself. Keep telling us what is going on. If you are tired, give into it. But if you can take one more step, then do it. YOU are in charege of your body and keep telling yourself not to give up! please

    • they’ve told us this is inoperable, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be arrested, reduced or God willing, cured. I’m thrilled to hear the survivor stories! Congratulations on your healing and recovery.