Finally, a FINISH!!!!!!!!

Wanda and Stacie came to my rescue ~ one cut sashing, the other sewed the rows togethr.  This is the resulting quilt top.   It measures 50″ x 67″.

We didn’t get a real great picture as the sun was still shining and came through the top.  Makes it look like stained glass!  I’m just happy to see it done and ready to head off to a quilter.   It will eventually go to WAS for a Rotarian trip to Peru.

Thanks to my great friend and my youngest Daughter!  They have brightened my weekend!

Susan ~ Patchkat 


10 responses to “Finally, a FINISH!!!!!!!!

  1. Well, congrats on the finish! Hey tell that Wanda hello for me. I don’t think I have her email or I would tell her myself. I can still taste those pecans!!

  2. Hi Susan,

    too bad Texas is so big, or I could help out a little as well. Have been thinking of you and wondering how you have been doing. Love your quilt top. think I will do that with my latest batch of crumbs. Just put the binding on a crumb quilt last night while watching the football game.

    Your friend from the Austin area!

  3. The quilt is beautiful! I love how it does look like stained glass with the sun shining through it! You all did a wonderful job.

  4. I’d be tempted to keep it hanging in front of the doors, it does make a very inexpensive stain glassed window.

  5. Definitely looks like stained glass – especially with the light and dark shades in that border fabric. The “quilting team” done good!