1st Homemade ice cream :-) of the Summer

Here is a little friend (William) getting his first hand experience at making ice cream. 

Do you remember the days of sitting on the top of the freezer while someone cranked?   I do.   We spent many Sunday afternoons at the farm where Pa was making ice cream.  

Ah, the anticipation…we kids could hardly wait for our bowl full.  Once the cream had set up…the dasher was pulled…and we fought over who got to “clean it off”  William allowed as how homemade ice cream is quite yummy.  He cleaned the dasher.

I have to agree with him!  Especially with a drizzle of chocolate sauce..

It is so hot tonight that the ice cream started melting at the first touch of air.  That’s okay.  My bowl didn’t last long enough to melt!!!

Sure was good. 

Susan ~ Patchkat