Good Cat ~ Bad Cat

Tell me how this sweet kitty can make me laugh one minute….she steals my heart on a daily basis.  

The next minute, she’s being a horrid little wretch! 

This was her about 8PM….curled up in our fruit bowl.  Sweet.   By 9PM, she had been scolded for getting in a cabinet that Ernie left open…and by 9:30PM, she was in the dog house for jumping the uppermost cabinets and knocking out a biscotti jar…which hit the countertop, breaking and fell to the floor where it shattered on impact.  Ernie had to clean that mess up while I cleaned countertops and the stove.    Now she’s hiding in the bedroom doorway keeping a very low profile!   There are days….

Susan ~ Patchkat


9 responses to “Good Cat ~ Bad Cat

  1. Toooo funny. I’m glad to hear this story. Now I won’t feel so alone. My Elliott cat hears his name called about a 100 times a day usually in a raised voice.

    He’s soooooooo stubborn. He just waits until you aren’t looking and does “whatever” again.

    Then he makes up with his air kisses.

    Sometimes we just call him trouble.

    • They all have “selective hearing” and van ignore better than any other known critter

  2. They have the devil in them, no question about it. But that awful naughtiness is part of their charm. At one point we had to run a bungee cord through the cupboard handles to keep our 21 pound monster out of the china. He had to stand on the back lip of the sink, on his back tiptoes to reach those cupboards but he could open them and be inside faster than you could say Jack Robinson. We put child safety locks on all the cupboards in this place. He is very disappointed in our lack of trust.

    • Our uppermost cabs have no doors. She’s the only 1 who has ever had an interest. She was mad cause I wouldn’t let her go outside. That’s when she gets the most naughty.

  3. Oh Susan, You have related the story of both my cats. Got up this morning to a completely shredded roll of papertowels in kitchen and toliet paper all over the bathroom. Love Miha and Callie, but the took over where my two boys left off.

    • We had that after Ernie used a new – still in the plastic roll to play with our Punkin kitty. From that point on, nothing paper was safe in the house.