Good Cat ~ Bad Cat

Tell me how this sweet kitty can make me laugh one minute….she steals my heart on a daily basis.  

The next minute, she’s being a horrid little wretch! 

This was her about 8PM….curled up in our fruit bowl.  Sweet.   By 9PM, she had been scolded for getting in a cabinet that Ernie left open…and by 9:30PM, she was in the dog house for jumping the uppermost cabinets and knocking out a biscotti jar…which hit the countertop, breaking and fell to the floor where it shattered on impact.  Ernie had to clean that mess up while I cleaned countertops and the stove.    Now she’s hiding in the bedroom doorway keeping a very low profile!   There are days….

Susan ~ Patchkat


Stashbusting on hold

Nothing to report other than 0 additions to the stash.  This being incapacitated is cutting into my goals!

Susan ~ Patchkat