Rooting Roses…Part 2

Back in the Spring, I posted about rose propagation from cuttings.

Here we are at the end of July, and it looks like 3 of the yellow climbers “took”!  There are 2 cuttings putting out new leaves and 1 that hasn’t, but it hasn’t died off.   I’m hoping all 3 live to be trnsplanted to larger containers for overwintering.  I’m excited to say the least.  I’m planning to try more cuttings in the Fall.

We’ve been watching this guy for awhile.  Not sure where it’s denned up, but the kitties just ignore it in it’s travels around the yard.   This is Grubber the armadillo…he/she is full grown and pretty good sized.

One more interesting garden photo for tonight….

Guess even wasps need to eat.  Doesn’t matter that the wolf spider was much, much larger.  The wasp is upside down pulling the spider up onto the deck.

And not to be shorted their place in the spotlight, here are the boys…Bear and Blondie.  Sleeping and sunning in the light from the sliding door.

That’s it for tonight.  Just had to show you the roses!

Susan ~ Patchkat


10 responses to “Rooting Roses…Part 2

  1. If I saw that armadillo in my garden, I would run and scream. But it could be because I’ve never seen an armadillo before. Love your pictures. Hope you are feeling better.

    • Armadillo are funny looking creatures and fun to watch as long as they’re not digging up the gardens

  2. Congratulations on being the rose propagator! I planted some red currant seeds and blackberry seeds, just to see if they will grow. That is one FAT ‘diller! In the old days he’d be headed for someone’s table, but thankfully we’ve got the IGA or Safeway and Mr/Mrs diller is safe (from our appetites anyway). I think they are awful cute. 102 here today, just a bit warm.
    Take cares of yourself,
    Auntie Deb

  3. Nice to see you post! The nurse in me made me ask: what did the MRI show? And is it fixable?
    The cats look so comfortable. I took the youngest cat in for annual shots and he had a reaction to them! Never saw that in a cat before. Back he went for more shots and is still slow, but alive. Purple/blue tongue and mucus membranes do not look good on my cats!
    My daughter tried to propagate roses from her husband. I don’t know if it worked or not. Time will tell.
    Have a good day, Susan!

  4. Your roses are looking great! As for that “creature” – I’m glad they live in our area and not mine. LOL He/she looks more like a little cement statute than a live creature but I’d rather have him than the snakes!

  5. Your new roses are looking great. I’m so sad none of mine took. I’m going to try again in the fall. It’s just been too darned hot around here. Remind me which method you used to propagate with?

  6. That is definitely a BIG armadilla! Wow! Congratulations on the roses. I can’t even grow one from the original cut more or less make them multiply….smile.