We received about 2″ of much needed, much appreciated rain this evening. 

 We have standing water under the Hackberry trees…there’s a retaing wall to the left, so this creates a little waterfall.  

The street was a rushing, running river for nearly an hour.  Blondie is surveying his wet domain (bottom of the picture).


Rain doesn’t slow the birdies down – this wall of houses has 2 families in residence.  The top left with license plate roof has a family of wrens as does the one on the bottom right hanging from the turqious  turquoise board.  It’s fun to watch the parents come up to feed.  There is also a kitty who sits right below waiting for a meal.  I hope she’s not successful! 

Fraidykat would rather enjoy the easy life.  He waited til I got up and grabbed my place on the loveseat.   You’ll notice the heating pad on the sofa arm… and the fact that Fraidy has a toehold on the cushion.  With his head turned, he thinks he’s invisible.  SILLY CAT ;-)

Dr. office called late this afternoon.  When he reviewed the X-rays, he found something.   I’ll find out in the AM.  Trying not to worry about it right now.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “RAIN!!!

  1. Let me know what the Doc says about your shoulder. How is it today? Any better?

    I love your birdhouses on the side of the shed. I might create a wall of birdhouses on the side of Don’s shed. Hope the kitties don’t think they have their own smorgasbord. How high off the ground are your houses?

    • Between 4 and 7 feet. I enjoy sitting inside and watching the birdies and the dappled sunlight playing over the houses.