We were there…tech shoved my shoulder into the holder…and insisted on laying my arm flat…after I yelled from the pain, he backed off.  That was the end of the MRI.   We came home, but I couldn’t get past the pain.  Back to the hospital.  We got home from the ER about 8PM.  They finally took x-rays.  Nothing dislocated.   DR wants me in a shoulder immobilizer until Tuesday.  Looks really dorky (there will be no photos!), but it’s nice having the shoulder supported.  

I’ll have to reschedule thr MRI somewhere they have an open MRI.  That way, my elbows can stick out.   :-)

Needless to say, there is no sewing, quilting or canning this week.

Susan ~ Patchkat





7 responses to “No MRI

  1. Ouch!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry you are in so much pain. I still think you ought to post a picture……grin.

    Take it easy…Billie

  2. Owie, what have you done to that poor shoulder besides quilt it half to death? I hope the kitties are providing kisses to make it better. Kitty kisses are good medicine, or so I’m told by the resident feline smoocher. Take care of yourself!
    Love ya,
    Auntie Deb

    • lots of kitty lovings. having to sleep sitting upright on love seat cause it’s too hard to get out of the bed.

  3. I can sort of appreciate what you are going through, I have had bursitis in my shoulder twice and had to have it immobilized plus the fun (LOL) shots, not to mention the techs repositioning it for X Rays.

    I am terribly sorry, I don’t know what is wrong but I feel the pain and sincerely hope you find out what is wrong so they can fix it soon!


  4. Ouch! I sure hope they find out what the problem is and can relieve the pain for you. Putting a quilter ‘out of commission’ isn’t a happy thought!