I’m Back…tired and hurtin’

It’s always a pleasure to spend time in Granbury, TX.   The nice Boss Lady sent me on a 2 day seminar.   My room overlooked Lake Granbury.  What a nice view, especially at night when the houses/hotels/apartments across the way are lit up.

We stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, and it’s NICE!   The people are always most pleasant.   The hotel has a lovely boardwalk that goes to the Convention Center and further down to the public beach.

I think this is a lovely place!  Would love to spend a weekend with nothing to do but hang out on the boardwalk sipping a big glass of iced tea…or a nice cuppa coffee in the evening.  Watching the boats, tub-ers, skiers and the lights. 

Granbury has really grown from the little town on the lake that I remember from my teenage years.

On Wednesday,  a group of the ladies went to lunch at a place called “The Jalepeno Tree”.   Interesting place, decent food and super nice wait staff.   Dinner was at Chili’s.   Last night, Ernie and I went to dinner at the Cotton Patch Cafe.  I love their sweet potato fries…and once again,  really nice wait staff.

It’s good to be home again.   My shoulder seems to be getting worse.   Even the pain pills and anti-inflammatories haven’t helped the last few days.   I won’t bore you with my whining and the details, but it hurts like h*ll.   I have a Dr. appt tomorrow afternoon.   I’m so ready for this to be better.   

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “I’m Back…tired and hurtin’

  1. Sorry you be hurtin’. Gotta give that quilting like a mad woman a rest for a while. Repetitive stress injuries take a LONG time to heal if you push them too far. You don’t want to have to take up stamp collecting or hawg-callin’ fer hobbies, though both are fine and noble pursuits. Just sayin’ they aren’t as much fun as quiltin’.

    Take care yourself, ya hear?
    Yer ole Auntie

    • not just quilting, computering, driving, canning…and getting dressed. I’m not good at pulling up jeans with 1 working arm….