Rail Fence Units DONE!!!

The only sewing I’ve gotten done today is finishing both sets of rail fence blocks for the new BOM  “All Points North and South”.    For those who were asking about the plaids and soft buttery background…here’s a preview!

 I have made 49 of the Snow/Bright and 49 of the Plaid/Yellow.   It was assembly line central in the sewing room this afternoon.   Went pretty quick too!  Took longer to press them out than it did to stitch them up.

I think I’m going to like the plaids best, but the Snow/Bright will be for one of the beds in the bunkhouse and uses the same fabrics as the “Mini Bytes” which will also be for the bunkhouse.

Online, the talk has been of cleaning sewing rooms and putting up the fabrics one has dug out for projects…

This was when my cutting area was still semi neat.  Apache was perfectly content to lay around and watch my efforts to sort and cut some bright fabrics.

Then,  I dug out a bunch of homespuns and had lots of choices.   Tonight,  this mess is still on my table.   Maybe tomorrow night I’ll clean…NOT.

Not to be outdone,  Ebby joined me in the sewing room.  I love having all these 4 legged supervisors.  Before I was done,  Sassy and PB had also joined me.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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