Let’s get Cracklin!

  LARD – LARD – LARD!!!  

Can’t wait to use it in biscuits!  It took longer than I expected, but we have cracklins in the freezer and a quart of baking lard along with a quart of “savory” lard for frying.  Thanks, Suzanne for inspiring me!

Next time,  I’ll cook ontop the stove rather than in my crockpot as I think I needed a higher temp and a larger cooking area.   Still,  I’m pleased with the results.

Susan ~ Patchkat

3 responses to “Let’s get Cracklin!

  1. i do the same with bacon fat and chicken fat. i use them both for frying.
    i melt the fat down in a skillet being careful to us only the whitest part of the fat from the chicken. when it finishes melting there are always some brown bits at the bottom and that i freeze separately for frying onions for stuffing. the white part i also freeze. the bacon fat gets frozen as well, as that turns rancid before i can use it all. but it’s a great substitute in biscuits instead of butter.

  2. Ahhh, you guys are killing me – I can’t wait to try this although my darling husband is a bit leary of all of this, hmmmm.

  3. i forgot to mention that i save the fat from both sources in the freezer until i have enough to make it worthwhile. i pop it into a ziplock sandwich bag and add to it as i go.